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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hairy Werewolf Cheerleaders For Obama!

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hairy werewolf cheerleader for obamaThousands of cheerleaders all over the country are now letting their hair grow and showing up at half-time local politician "werewolf transformations" during basketball games. The trend started after then President-Elect Obama turned into a werewolf at center court during a Chicago Bulls Game this past December. Now all Democratic--and even some Republican-- candidates running for office are doing "copy-cat" transformations in order to show their alliance with and support for our beloved werewolf President and to hopefully ride on his furry coat-tails straight into their desired elected office. Gone are the days when cheerleaders were considered to be the "nice, clean-cut" chicks at school. Now these lovely women are letting their leg fur grow, their facial hair grow, and yes, some of them even have hair on their chests! By now everyone knows that there is a "Werewolf in Washington" but it's becoming increasingly clear that their are also werewolf politicians springing up all over the United States, from people wanting to become mayor, governor, or even the county coroner. And as long as they know their wonderful werewolf act will bring them the admiration of one of our most treasured American icons, the hot hairy cheerleader, there isn't likely to be a stop to this way of pandering to the howling moonstruck masses for a vote.


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"The Obama Orgy Of Hairy Hope"

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portrait of obama as werewolfSomething "changes" when you see an image of President Obama as a werewolf. When you look into his kind eyes and gentle smile, suddenly you don't mind so much that he has hair on his face or that he has transformed into what has always been known as a ferocious, blood-thirty beast. But just as Obama has said he will change the way politics is done, he is also on his way to changing how werewolves are thought of. As I explained in in another entry, it is my belief that the spherical shape in the Obama logo is actually meant to be a MOON and that the "change" President Obama keeps talking about is "changing into a WEREWOLF." This is not the werewolf of old that preys upon people when the moon is full. No, this a new kind of werewolf whose hair grows from the hope and idealism that springs from deep within and it is a werewolf whose animal nature depends more upon love and ferocious efforts to help ones fellow neighbor to satiate its gnawing, growing and howling hunger. In the Obama era werewolves are no longer scary. They are beautiful, hairy loving beasts who could kick your behind if they so desired, but they much prefer to eat tacos and have fiestas and engage in lovemaking, gorgeously intimate acts of unity with their fellow Americans and any foreigners who might also want to join in on "The Obama Orgy Of Hairy Hope."


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The Bipartisan Foot Of The Purple Werewolf

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bipartisan purple werewolf footHere is pictured a symbol I created to represent President Obama's willingness to "reach across the aisle" and work with Republicans as well as his centrist way of governing. It is called "The Bi-Partisan Foot Of The Purple Werewolf." If you'll notice in my larger painting, "Meet Me At Center Court As I Turn Into A Werewolf", that though the werewolf President Obama has two legs, he only has one foot to show that he takes into account both Republican and Democratic points of view. President Obama had to flip many red states and turned them blue in order to win the election so he knows he can't lean too far to the left in his policies if he wants to get re-elected in those more conservative states.

It is a shame that though Obama has made outward gestures toward Republicans in the House and Senate, such as holding a party to honor John McCain, most of them have repeatedly said "No!" to his ideas and voted against his recent stimulus bill. But as President Obama said in a recent news conference, he believes in persistence and it won't be long before you start seeing a few Republican werewolves in Washington showing a little purple in their fur from their red mixing in with Obama's blue, just as some men show a little gray in their beard. Just give it time because hair color has a way of changing.


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Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama Turns Into Werewolf During Bulls Basketball Game

obama turns into werewolfHoly hope and howls at the moon! There's a werewolf in Washington! An amazing thing happened the other night when President-Elect Barack Obama was attending a Chicago Bulls game. Obama was so happy that his team was leading at half-time that he got up from his seat and shouted out to the whole crowd, "Meet me at center court as I turn into a werewolf!" Many in the crowd were confused and some were even scared. Were the rumors that Obama had a "hidden agenda" true, that as soon as we elected him he would reveal his true inner nature? Was this the night that all of America would realize they had made a mistake?. . . . .. . . .. . . click here to read more


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