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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Obamamanic Relationship Between Hot Sauce And Underwear

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obama hot sauce and underwearThere are alot of interesting images that pop into one's brain when they think to combine hot sauce with underwear. Many of these images can stray into a territory I don't want to venture into in this blog but suffice it to say that "hotness" and "semi-nakedness" are two things in this world that can get people very worked up. There is alot of work to be done on the artistic front dealing with hot sauce and underwear. It is packed with potent symbolic meaning and soaked with such enlightening, tasty and existentially profound goodness that to simply write about it now is sending me into a bit of feverish delight. How I see it now, in the context of the Obama phenomenon and "Obamamania" is that I imagine myself at an Obama rally. I am symbolically stripped to my underwear as I let myself once again believe in my childhood idealism. I let myself become vulnerable as I let loose of my defenses and stand there amidst the crowd half-naked. We are all half-naked before Obama. We all have our hearts in his hands as we stand there not knowing what to do. It is a bit embarrassing to admit in public that one believes in hope and that one still wants to be proud of the American flag and that one does indeed like the idea of getting along with his fellow Americans, these multi-colored, multi-national taco ingredients that are wrapped inside the shell which is the inspiration Obama sets on fire within us all. Oh yes, the FIRE! It is the fire that feeds us, this inspiration that splatters all over our half-naked bodies as every word coming out of Obama's mouth feels like a spicy, zesty wet blanket of HOT SAUCE upon our skin. It drips all over us and makes us feel fully clothed even though we are in our underwear. It soaks our underwear and we do not care. In fact, we revel in it. The discomfort we must feel at an Obama rally is more than worth the memory of knowing we did indeed take part in history.


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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Use Of Mexican Food And Underwear As Symbols Of Surpise And the Inappropriate

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hillary clinton covered in hot sauceI created the painting, "Hot Sauce of Hope On the Three Hillarys" not as a way of making fun of Hillary at all but because the horrid disappointment felt by her supporters and her simply had to be documented. I tried to do it in a humorous way, showing Barack Obama dousing her in hot sauce as her three personalities seem to be stuck in Obama's Hot Sauce of Hope. As Obama himself said, "I like Hillary well enough" but during the primaries she seemed to be constantly changing her stances and personalities depending upon where she was campaigning and who she was talking to. And as she continued her dirty, dishonest tricks from state to state she was slowly becoming overwhelmed by Obama's increase in delegates and the country's being weary of negative campaigning.

One thing this picture gives me a chance to explore is the the use of Mexican food and underwear as a way of expressing an offbeat "off the wall" element in politics or life in general, or to symbolize simple but unexpected "shots in the dark." Okay, it sometimes seems to make no sense to insert random tacos and pairs of underwear in political art. It may seem to make no sense or seem inappropriate but I'm sure that's exactly what Hillary said when Barack beat her in the Iowa caucus! I'm sure she lifted her arms in disgust and shouted "How inappropriate! This makes absolutely no sense! I think I need to change my underwear now and eat a taco!" Hahahaa. Among other things, portraying Obama pouring Hot Sauce of Hope upon Hillary and her three personalities is just a way of expressing the surprising events that took place during the 2008 Democratic Primaries.


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Those Who Do Not Support Obama Shall Be Injected With Hot Sauce Of Hope!

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hot sauce of hopeThis picture is part of a larger painting entitled "Attack of the Obama Mask Hot sauce Cult! which I use as a focal point for discussing a few ideas related to "Obamamania." One of these ideas I want to explore is the idea of Obama non-supporters being injected with HOT SAUCE OF HOPE in an effort to get them "with the program." So are you one of them, a member of the "NOBAMA" crowd? You think you are so cool, such a self-reliant corporate-loving cowboy capitalist as you sit there in your butt-less chaps watching Sean Hannity spew his despicable, disgusting bile of hatred towards those who love hope and believe in change. You sit there eating your bloody raw meat as you listen to Rush Limbaugh. You refuse to go out and look for a job because you say, "What's the point if I'm just going to get punished for my success?" You say this even though you have no prayer of ever making $250,000 a year and will never have your taxes raised under Obama's plan, anyway. It seems to me you need an injection. You need shock treatment for your illness, for being so sour-minded and such a "party pooper" and obstructionist, clinging to your guns and your religion and tiny, small-minded ideas.

Well, it has been decreed that these so-called "self-reliant" complainers who deem themselves too righteous and hard-working to redistribute some of their wealth to the poor must now agree to be injected with the HOT SAUCE OF HOPE that Obama's culinary scientists are currently working on before you come looking to Obama for a hand-out, for a BAIL-OUT once your greedy paws and unscrupulous practice of preying and spitting upon the "weak" bites you in your non-redistributing rear-ends. You think you are a werewolf but you do not realize that the face of the werewolf has changed. It is a more loving face attached to a hairier torso inside which lies a more giving, hopeful heart. You must sacrifice now and help us pay for the debt that was put upon us all NOT BY THE DEMOCRATS but by the greedy capitalist crooks you idolize and let feed you lies and fill with the delusion that you could ever be as rich as any of them are. They laugh at you just as Andy Griffith did in that awesomely enlightening movie, "A Face In The Crowd."


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hot Sauce Of Hope Is Symbolic Of The Soul

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hot sauce of hopeThe Bible says, "Don't drink the blood for the blood is the life," and many people take that to mean that the blood must be symbolic of the soul. If that is true, though, why does blood taste so NASTY? Why does all the iron inside it taste like RUST? Rust is what occurs when metal is exposed to the elements too long and is neglected. That doesn't seem to me a fitting metaphor for the human soul. No, I believe in the magick of pure idealism and it is my belief that through the human consumption of salmonella-free tomato products, we can enrich our blood cells with the scintillating spirit of SALSA and through the intake of various spices, onions and peppers we can all manufacture within ourselves a new kind of "blood," a different kind of "soul," and this soul we shall deem smeared with and represented by HOT SAUCE OF HOPE!! Our leader, "Obama Taco Underwear" has thus declared it and it is our new mission to make it so by doing every thing we can to grow tasty, ripe tomatoes and make hot sauce we can swim in, bathe in and perhaps even wash our UNDERWEAR in? Could such a daring dream really come true?