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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hairy Werewolf Cheerleaders For Obama!

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hairy werewolf cheerleader for obamaThousands of cheerleaders all over the country are now letting their hair grow and showing up at half-time local politician "werewolf transformations" during basketball games. The trend started after then President-Elect Obama turned into a werewolf at center court during a Chicago Bulls Game this past December. Now all Democratic--and even some Republican-- candidates running for office are doing "copy-cat" transformations in order to show their alliance with and support for our beloved werewolf President and to hopefully ride on his furry coat-tails straight into their desired elected office. Gone are the days when cheerleaders were considered to be the "nice, clean-cut" chicks at school. Now these lovely women are letting their leg fur grow, their facial hair grow, and yes, some of them even have hair on their chests! By now everyone knows that there is a "Werewolf in Washington" but it's becoming increasingly clear that their are also werewolf politicians springing up all over the United States, from people wanting to become mayor, governor, or even the county coroner. And as long as they know their wonderful werewolf act will bring them the admiration of one of our most treasured American icons, the hot hairy cheerleader, there isn't likely to be a stop to this way of pandering to the howling moonstruck masses for a vote.


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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will Women Get Hairier During The Obama Era?

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hairy girl obama supporterI love all kinds of women. I've already wrote a bit about my obsession with Latina women but I'd also like to mention that I love chicks with HAIR! Hell yeah! What werewolf doesn't? One of my favorite images from the Obama election campaign was his rally in Oregon where 40,000 people showed up. I know that the Pacific Northwest is a big haven for wonderful, hairy hippy babes and I imagined how much gorgeous, furry flowing hair was on many of the females out in that crowd. Hair on their legs; hair in their armpits; oh, yes, and hair in so many other places that are too wondrous and sublime for TV to display for fear that too many of us would actually go blind and accidentally vote for McCain on Election Day.

I like to imagine that a few of those hot, hairy hippy babes won some sort of contest and got to accompany Obama on one of his retreats to Hawaii. There they would play volleyball in the cool blue waters of those precious Pacific islands as the sun of hope rained down its rays of wisdom and peace on their soft, sensuous body hair as the werewolves of the world stood behind the palm trees and watched, cheering these hairy babes on. I know it is early in the Obama Era but it is my hope that with everything else changing, eventually women will reach a point where displaying body hair is more acceptable. There really is no reason for them to have to shave, especially as Obama starts to slowly bring the werewoman out of them, feeding them nachos and tacos and burritos and getting more and more hair to grow on their chests while the men all howl and the Mexican chefs make their food spicier and spicier and the world slowly becomes a HAIRY WEREWOLF WONDERLAND OF HOPE!!


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