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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama Cooks Republican Red Meat Thoroughly To Thwart Criticism

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obama cooking republican red meatMany Republican demagogues are out there who want to manipulate their followers and listeners into believing that President Obama is some kind of extreme left-wing radical who is bent on the idea of turning America into some kind of socialist country or drastically altering this nation into the near opposite of what all these Republican herd members think the country should be. They throw out the "red meat" and call Obama things like "communist," "fascist"; they talk about him bankrupting their grandchildren with excessive liberal spending; they speak of him wanting to take away their guns, that he doesn't wear a flag pin, he is unpatriotic, soft on terrorism, a celebrity, and the list goes on and on. The Republican zoo-keepers throw-out the "red meat," charging Obama with having the qualities, ideas and desires that stand directly opposed to the Republicans' views on policy and values, and the animals that make up the far-right wing of the conservative base eat up the meat without even cooking it. They don't put it on the grill and let it cook before they ingest it, and that is a big part of the problem. Because if they researched President Obama's views and policies they would realize that he is not very radical at all and that he is for the most part, in most cases, a just slightly left-of-center Democrat and, despite what the Republican herd likes to think, Democrats are just as American as they are.

The picture above shows President Obama with his presidential fork pierced through a piece of Republican-butchered piece of red meat that he is getting ready to grill and cook so that when his Republican critics taste it they will realize that it doesn't taste as bad as they thought it would! This picture is part of my larger Rod Blagojevich fan art painting. Of course, all through the election Republicans were calling Obama a crook simply because he was from Chicago. It was inevitable that after Blagojevich, then governor of Illinois, was arrested, there would be a chorus of "I told you sos" emitting from between conservatives' blood-stained, raw meat-eating lips. But that was before Obama began cooking the meat and as soon as it was well-done it would be seen that absolutely no connection could be made between Blago's crimes and President Obama. It was just another example of Republican red raw meat being thrown at the mindless pitchfork-wielding far-right masses which, when cooked thoroughly on the grill by Obama, shows itself to not taste bad in the least! As a matter of fact it is really quite juicy and tasty when made into steak fajitas!


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Rod Blagojevich Does Elvis Impersonations To Influence Potential Jurors

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rod blagojevich as elvis impersonatorOnly a few days ago, former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was indicted on 16 felony counts of corruption. True to form and consistent with Blagojevich's ultra-confident, cool way of dealing with his highly-publicized legal drama, he was enjoying himself on vacation with his family at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, when the indictment was issued. It is well-known that Blagojevich is a huge fan of Elvis Presley and when a couple reporters finally found him and tried to ask him a few questions, Blagojevich simply sat sipping on a cocktail while lounging outside of a guitar-shaped pool and said to the reporters, "If you expect me to get up and start singing "Jailhouse Rock," feeling sorry for myself, you're dead wrong."

Later that evening in the hotel lounge, Blagojevich was seen doing an Elvis impersonation act, decked out in a highly sequined, tight white leather outfit and singing "Love Me Tender" to the audience while holding a can of jalapeno-scented hairspray which he sprayed upon his well-known retro hairdo in between occasional pelvic thrusts. "Love me tender" was sung repeatedly by Blagojevich in case anyone in the audience might happen to become a juror during his upcoming criminal trial. When a reporter asked the former governor why he used jalapeno-scented hairspray on his gorgeous head of hair, Blago said he was still certain that he would be proven innocent of all charges and that in time President Obama would name him "Secretary of Steak Fajitas."


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Rod Blagojevich Wears "Tightie-Whities" Outside Of His Jogging Pants To Express His Innocence

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rod blagojevich in underwearBack in December after the then governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was arrested on various charges of corruption, he was known to give interviews to the press before, after and during his daily exercise of jogging. He said that jogging cleared his mind and helped him come up with different ways of trying to endear himself to the public through the media. It was important for Blagojevich to do interviews and appear on various talk shows in order to try and clear his name and perhaps influence any potential jurors who might preside over his criminal case when it goes to trial. One of the brilliant ideas that Governor Blagojevich came up with was to wear a pair of underwear outside of his jogging pants in order to further emphasize his proclaimed innocence, to show that his conscience, as well as his soul, was as pure and as white as the brilliantly clean "tightie-whities" he wore outside of his clothing, in full public view, while jogging out in the infamously windy Chicago cold. When asked if the governor also wore underwear underneath his jogging pants, he simply replied, "I refuse to answer that question until I appear on the Tonight Show." Governor Blagojevich has the honor and disctinction of, out of the numerous private and public citizens I portray in their underwear in my "Obama Taco Underwear" Painting Series, being the only one so far who wears his underwear OUTSIDE OF HIS CLOTHES


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