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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hairy News and Views Has Moved!

Well, Blogger has made an announcement that soon they will no longer allow people to use their site as an FTP interface, which is what I've been doing for this blog. So in response to this I'm moving "Hairy News and Views" here which is where it will remain permanently as a simple archive where I will post links to anything I make that I feel is relevant to my vision of Werewolf Lifestyles Involving Mexican Food. Most of my updates for the next year or so will be additions to the Obama Taco Underwear Painting Series as I still have alot of ideas and plans for it and intend to add more installments soon.

I plan to start an Official Taco Werewolf Blog in the near future which will be completely and independently operated from my own account, but until then please check up on the new Hairy News and Views Archive for the occasional new link as well as the main page of Obama Taco Underwear for future paintings in this series.