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Sunday, April 5, 2009

March Madness Brings April Hope That Bankers Will Get It Together

obama basketballI am a more of a football kind of guy and plan on making football a large part of upcoming installments of my "Obama Taco Underwear" Painting Series", especially once the 2009 season starts, but in the spirit of bi-sportisan unity and to somewhat emulate our great basketball-loving President Obama, I've been watching a few basketball games during the NCAA March Madness tournament and think the championship game between Michigan State and North Carolina should be a compelling one. Here we have two teams who represent two very important news issues in America recently. Michigan State, of course, being in East Lansing, MI, is not far from Detroit who has been suffering all sorts of woes and upheaval concerning their auto-industry which has always been vital to the American economy. North Carolina, being a major grower of tobacco in the nation, has been having to deal with price increases to cigarettes ever since Wednesday when the largest federal tobacco tax hike in history was implemented, raising the federal tax from .39 cents to $1.01. Being a smoker who has long wanted to quit, I actually welcome the tax increase, and the higher price has motivated me to set a date for finally quitting soon. All revenue from the tax hike go to the children's insurance program, SCHIP, and who can argue with wanting to be able to provide better medical care for kids? Oh wait, George W. Bush vetoed it once, didn't he? . . . .. . . click here to read more


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