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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gay Werewolf Underwear Models Are Emboldened By Obama's Message

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gay werewolf underwear model for obamaThere are alot of gay werewolves around, that's for sure, and I respect and love every one of them. Here you see a gay werewolf underwear model sneaking himself into a larger photo taken from the night when President-Elect Obama turned into a werewolf during a Chicago Bulls basketball game. There are many people becoming their own kind of werewolf as Obamamania and its movement progresses. Some people have described how the long-buried hopes and American idealism that is being out of people by Obama and making them wolf-like in their renewed enthusiasm as being similar to how a gay man or woman feels when they finally "come out of the closet" and reveal their true selves. People are no longer embarrassed to howl and let their hair grow out as they say that they love America. They are no longer ashamed to wave the American flag and are so happy that they have a President they can finally look up to and not be embarrassed by. This idea of renewed pride is well-expressed in the image of a gay werewolf underwear model who just "lets it all hang out" and is not afraid to jump into the picture just as many are now jumping in to the American political scene and participating in our great country's political process.


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