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Friday, April 3, 2009

Does The Obama Logo Contain A Hidden Message For Werewolves?

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obama logo werewolfI must say that what intially attracted me to Obama was around December 2007 when I saw his logo for the first time. Admittedly, I thought the white, spherical shape that seemed to be rising above the red and white stripes was the MOON and I heard Obama talking about "change" alot so I began to wonder: what sort of "change" does he mean? Did he mean "change" into a werewolf? Then I started to watch his rallies on television as I saw normal people begin to howl as he spoke. I saw the old and young alike begin to transform before my eyes. They would walk into the arena where Obama was scheduled to speak and by the time the rally was over they had changed, Obama had brought out their werewolf nature which growled and howled against all the injustices and censorship Americans have had to put up with the past 8 years. Obama's words of hope and courage caused even women to begin to grow hairs on their chests. It was the goodness and American idealism that had been buried deep in their skin that gnashed and thrashed and tormented them for it was unable to grow out and be wild with patriotism and a desire to once again be proud of America.

I have since read that the white spherical shape actually is meant to represent the SUN, but that doesn't "change" the fact that my first thoughts of Obama were that of a werewolf. And who is to say that in every case it is the MOON that transforms a man or woman into a raving beast who is passionate for their country? I sometimes like to think of myself as a werewolf who is influenced more by solar power because it is a path to clean energy and because it helps to conjure more positive werewolf imagery than that of a werewolf who is motivated by the light of the moon in the darkness as he seeks to stalk and kill his prey. I prefer to think of myself, sometimes, as a werewolf who is changed by the sun and inspired to go about a werewolf lifestyle of love and a desire to eat tasty Mexican food all the time. With the election of President Obama I definitely think it is time for "change" in the area of werewolves also, in the way they are thought of and what motivates them. I think it is now a thirst for unity and love for one's fellow world citizens rather than a thirst for blood.


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