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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Celebration Of Latino Influence In A New Great American Iconography

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mexican american iconographyHere we see a young Mexican man stepping into the batter's box. In the background is the Obama logo as this aspiring Latino baseball player looks into the pitcher's eyes and readies to try and hit the ball out of the park. You'll notice that this baseball player has the colors of taco ingredients in his uniform. Yellow to represent the cheese, orange to represent the hot sauce and green to represent the fresh green crispy lettuce. This young man has recently immigrated to America and his heart is full of dreams, many of which have been inspired by the recent election of President Obama, a black man, as this brown-skinned batter has hopes of hitting the ball and getting on base, a symbol which could represent many things. It could mean his getting a good-paying job. It could represent his buying a home for his family. It could symbolize his getting an education or it could even mean, if he hits a home run, that this young man may some day grow up to be President of the United States just as Barack Obama did. There are many iconic symbols of America such as the bald eagle or apple pie, but I hope to see more evolve with a multi-cultural flair such as this one. I personally look forward to more and more Latinos living in this country and more and more mixing of the races which, in turn will help create a more beautiful collective iconography that consists of such inspiring symbols such as the bald eagle wearing a sombrero, the Statue of Liberty wearing a pancho or more tacos being sold at baseball games than hot dogs. Hot dogs are disgusting things, anyway, and tacos have much more powerful metaphorical implications than the American hot dog whose interpretation beyond its literal meaning pretty much stops at crude comparisons of it to a certain male sexual organ.


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