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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wind Turbines And Increased Sexual Freedom In the American Southwest

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wind turbines and homosexualityOil man, T. Boone Pickens, has been making alot of commercials where he talks about his big wind farm and how we as a country can harness wind as a major source of energy in the upcoming years. Alot of what I was thinking when I made my painting, "The Gay Green Energy Of Frankengore" was about the powers of the wind but in a more metaphorical way as in letting the wind take me wherever it pleased, anywhere I could be free and bonding with other men is fine with me! Now that Al Gore has announced that once he becomes "Secretary of Taco Ingredient Farming" and that Mexican food will play a major role in making our planet greener, many men-- and I just may become one of them-- are bound to flock down to the American Southwest to work on the tomato, lettuce and jalapeno farms to get good government jobs that have health benefits. We will get to work with our male Mexican neighbors in creating a greener economy, making us not only free from oil but also free from any of society's restrictions on sexual orientation and the so-called "laws" governing who or what a male American should engage in intimate relationships with. It is the touch of the wind on your skin while working on a hot jalapeno farm sometimes that finally frees a man from the prison he has lived in that told him he should never admire the body of another man. Once these American males get down there close to the border and they start to work together in their underwear, as Al Gore said he would have them do, all bets will be off and the wind blowing from nearby wind turbine farms will be enough to finally make many males realize they have been missing out on so much multi-cultural pleasure. Now that's "Change (in orientation) You Can Believe In" indeed!


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