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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

When Will Obama Visit Mexico?

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taco disaster in MexicoThough there is alot going wrong in Mexico right now, this little snapshot shows that I think the hope Obama has inspired in us Americans should be extended to places such as Mexico. Obama traveled to Berlin over the summer and spoke before thousands upon thousands of people. There is talk that he is soon to travel to a Muslim nation and speak there. I'm sure at some point he will travel to Asia and Russia but what of places like Mexico? Obama went to Canada soon after taking office but what of our other North American neighbor south of us? Maybe I am naive but I find Mexico fascinating in its potential. When I think of it my heads fills with soaring visions of fiestas, beautiful women, hot sauce, tacos and the pink underwear you see in the pic above is intended to express my optimism in the face of Mexico's current struggles. Yes, I do often dress Republicans in pink underwear as sort of a joke but I think pink underwear can also be used to symbolize happiness, joy in the face of struggle and the sweet scent of feminine beauty. All of this can be found in Mexico!

It is actually my hope that in a backward sort of way, the problems the Mexican government is facing with the drug cartels will draw more attention to Mexico and make people more sympathetic toward its people. For a foreign country who has more immigrants to the U.S than any other, it seems strange that Mexico seems so often to be ignored by Americans except when they are hungry for Mexican food, want to go on Spring Break or are complaining about all the illegal aliens taking their jobs.


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