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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Will Obama Add To The Mythology Of Mexico?

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aztec woman with golden skullNot much has been said yet about how Obama plans to handle the situation in Mexico with all the corruption and drug cartels wreaking havoc and making it a real possibility that within Obama's time as President, Mexico could indeed collapse into total anarchy. What is generally considered a second world country could quickly join the third world if measures are not taken to help Mexico rid itself of the increasing violence and corruption it has ben faced with lately. I like to interpret the world's problems through the lense of werewolves, tacos and underwear. I envision Obama riding into Mexico on wild, giant wolf under a Guacamole Moon, accompanied by an army of alien sailors in their tightie whities, offering to give Mexico a "Change In Underwear You Can Believe In" in exchange for tasty tacos. As I presented in the larger painting, "Sailor Obama Meets The Girl With The Golden Skull", soon after being elected, obama had a meeting with "The Girl With The Golden Skull," an ageless Aztec Princess who allegedly gave him advice on what to do.

In another entry I explained the idea of Latina women being so beautiful, that their faces were so lovely that only a golden skull could support such beauty. But there is also the possibility that at one time, before the arrival of Evil Cortez, these women had no faces at all! That these golden skulls were out in the open for all to see and this was just too much beauty for the poor Aztec males to bear. They became distracted from their warrior duties so the preists had to perform plastic surgery on the women, giving them faces. They stretched upon their gleaming skulls the fallen faces and scalps of their enemies to somewhat subdue the sparkle and overpowering golden glow. The beauty of a faceless golden skull was just much to behold!


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