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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Use Of Mexican Food And Underwear As Symbols Of Surpise And the Inappropriate

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hillary clinton covered in hot sauceI created the painting, "Hot Sauce of Hope On the Three Hillarys" not as a way of making fun of Hillary at all but because the horrid disappointment felt by her supporters and her simply had to be documented. I tried to do it in a humorous way, showing Barack Obama dousing her in hot sauce as her three personalities seem to be stuck in Obama's Hot Sauce of Hope. As Obama himself said, "I like Hillary well enough" but during the primaries she seemed to be constantly changing her stances and personalities depending upon where she was campaigning and who she was talking to. And as she continued her dirty, dishonest tricks from state to state she was slowly becoming overwhelmed by Obama's increase in delegates and the country's being weary of negative campaigning.

One thing this picture gives me a chance to explore is the the use of Mexican food and underwear as a way of expressing an offbeat "off the wall" element in politics or life in general, or to symbolize simple but unexpected "shots in the dark." Okay, it sometimes seems to make no sense to insert random tacos and pairs of underwear in political art. It may seem to make no sense or seem inappropriate but I'm sure that's exactly what Hillary said when Barack beat her in the Iowa caucus! I'm sure she lifted her arms in disgust and shouted "How inappropriate! This makes absolutely no sense! I think I need to change my underwear now and eat a taco!" Hahahaa. Among other things, portraying Obama pouring Hot Sauce of Hope upon Hillary and her three personalities is just a way of expressing the surprising events that took place during the 2008 Democratic Primaries.


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