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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

U.S. Fast Food Scientists In Mexico Need To Be Careful

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taco disaster in MexicoThe fact that America is now considering giving Mexico military aid to help in its drug wars makes me think of what could happen if our military got involved in Mexico's production of fast food. While at first this might seem like a winning proposition, America can be known to over-do it with its obsession with size and power. Slogans like "Burritos as Big As Your Head!" could quickly turn into "Burritos More Powerful Than A Nuclear Warhead!" and this gives me horrifying images of Mexico being the scene of even more destruction as catastrophic explosions occur all over Mexico caused by American nuclear scientists getting a little carried away with their experiments on how to make hot peppers even hotter. Mexico has always been somewhat of an embattled country and I am all for giving them aid. But if the U.S. is to get involved in the fast-food business down there, we have to be careful not to underestimate the powerful resources Mexico has. Although they are not known for a particularly strong military, that is only because they don't know how to incorporate their hot sauce and jalapeno peppers into their war technology. Once America gets involved we have to be respectful of how powerful these potential "weapons" really are. Now that Obama is reversing the U.S. government's course on its respect for science it could very well be discovered that Mexico's vast resources for making food spicy and tasty could be ingredients that show themselves more potent than uranium. I just ask all American scientists who plan on working on this project to please take care when "splitting the jalapeno" in your research so that Mexico doesn't get blown off the face of the earth, that's all.


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