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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Todd Palin Is Jesus In His Wife's Alaskan Hell

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todd palin is jesusWhile many liberals were hailing Barack Obama as the messiah during the election and conservative talk show radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh did so mockingly, I had a different person to portray as the savior in mind. After hearing so many horrible things about poor Sarah Palin I figured the man who was married to her had to be some kind of saint to put up with being attached to such a witch. So I started having these delusions that Todd Palin must be Jesus and there he was having to live in the freezing, snowy cold in his wife's Alaskan Hell. While Sarah laughingly said she liked to refer to him as the "First Dude," I started to think of him as FIRST DUDE, PERIOD!! So it made me feel better to think of The Son of Todd's halo illuminating a blanket of cheerful, loving goodness upon his wife's misdeeds such as book banning, slaughtering wolves, abuses of power, tax evasion, having her daughters baby, inciting hate and the list just goes on and on!


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