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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Three Mexican Food Muses

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obama coming out of nuclear tacoI got the idea for the image of these Three Mexican Food Muses while listening to Ray Charles and Willie Nelson sing that "Seven Spanish Angels" song while eating a big, messy jumbo burrito one night. The burrito messed me up so bad inside that later that night I was seeing visions of these three angels to please help me! While in most ways I think the mythology of Mexican food and the creativity and profound insight it nurtures can be seen as positive, there are certain types of "human explosions" that can get a little gross and icky when it comes to eating and digesting Mexican food. I am referring to the gastro-intestinal anguish that can ensue, some of which is so intense and leaves such a messy aftermath that the metaphor of "Nuclear Jalapeno Holocaust" may indeed apply. So it is that the purpose of my larger painting, "The Newtclear Tacos of Barocket Obomber" is in meant in most ways to portray explosions of a hopeful, happy kind, the Three Mexican Food Muses stand there in their sweet melancholy to remind us that though Mexican food is indeed tasty, too much of it can lead to war and destruction both within ourselves and with those we have to live and sleep with.


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