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Friday, March 13, 2009

Those Who Sacrifice The Pig Must Also Sacrifice To The Pig

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feed the pig for obamaHere we have Benjamin Banks, the porky star of all those TV commercials that FeedThePig.Org puts out. I haven't seen any of the commercials for awhile and I've noticed they changed the look of Benjamin on the website to something perhaps a little less creepy. The original Benjamin Banks had a more realistic-looking head and was played by an actual human being. It looks like they now use some type of computer animation. Perhaps someone finally got mad at Benjamin and made bacon out of him because, in the commercials, every time someone got their paycheck or came across some money, Benjamin would appear out of nowhere and hold his pink hand out, expecting the person to give him a portion of their hard-earned cash. There wasn't any explanation for the commercial as to what it meant but when you check out the website you see that it is all a metaphor for people putting money in savings. Benjamin represents a "piggy bank," you see.

I included Benjamin Banks in my painting documenting Jesse Jackson's "Obama Castration" Remarks because it follows along with the theme of "sacrifice." Hard-working people must sacrifice by putting money into savings and people making over $250,000 a year must sacrifice a few extra dollars under the Obama tax plan. Hopefully no one will have to sacrifice their nuts as Jesse Jackson said he wanted to do to Obama because Obama simply asked males in the black community to be responsible for their children. It is the responsibility of all Americans to come up with a productive use of their skills in order to "bring home the bacon," not just blacks, and the more bacon we take home to our families the sweeter the taste will be when we put savory, smoked strips of it between our lips and think of Benjamin Banks. "Sacrifice of the Pig" goes hand-in-hand with "Sacrifice TO the Pig" and I think this is an important American lesson we all should keep in mind.


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