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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tacos, Underwear And A Failed Attempt At "Feel Good Art"

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osama bin laden with 911 firemanThere are some things that even a tasty taco cannot reconcile. There are some things so horrible and anger-inducing and sad that even injecting a delicious, zesty taco into the picture cannot alleviate the negativity. And no, not even underwear can help, either. In this picture you see Osama bin Laden with his arms around a ghost of a fallen 911 fireman. He has a pair of American underwear on his head and a Mexican taco in his hand. I thought it would be interesting to try and make a portrait of forgiveness and unity. I've tried to align the victim with its murderer, add a taco and a pair of underwear and see if it would make me feel better, if somehow through art I could paint a prettier picture and grant myself at least a bit of redemption, give myself a bit of peace over the fact that our country wasted 7 long years fighting the WRONG WAR in Iraq to fill the coffers of despicable, money-grubbing, greedy corporate hands who lied us into thinking they were trying to save us from the "boogeyman." No taco and no pair of funny, humorous underwear on someone's head can make me feel better, can make me feel as if I have not been swindled and blatantly deceived by my nation and its leaders. Not only am I angry at Osama bin Laden but I am mad at my own country. A major element in President Obama's campaign was that of "HOPE" and I am hoping he will set things right, that he will be successful in Afghanistan, that he will set right the financial disaster the war and those corporate crooks have left our country with. I have hope that Obama is our man, that he is right and he is just and that by the end of his presidency the taco will lie peacefully alongside the underwear and I can look at pictures of Osama bin laden without wanting to scream.


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