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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Taco Is Not Just A Taco And A Zombie Is Not Always Someone Without A Brain

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obama zombieSo many people have figuratively "risen from the dead" with the sudden emergence of the Obama movement. In my "Obama Taco Underwear" series painting, "The Trilateral Puppet Graveyard of Count Zbigula" I have portrayed many sombrero-wearing, zombie-like Obama supporters rising from the dead but this is not to imply that they have no soul or that they mindlessly go to Obama rallies. It is to show the renewal of energy these people have and a restored faith they possess in the government and in the American people. Sure, in the grand scheme of things we are probably all puppets on a string, but there are so many people who are now involved in politics who never were. People who never thought they'd vote or they would ever vote again were slowly being awoken during the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign and now things will never be the same. The election of Obama in 2008 proved that it is not the American people who have bad judgment but it is those who are in office; the people who run the show are the ones to blame if things do not work out. That is why I never want to forget the outcome of the election, that no matter what happens the fact can't be taken away that the American people voted for CHANGE and if we do not get it it is not our fault. No one can take away what this country accomplished in 2008. This is a distinction I always try to make, that Obama and his success as President does not reflect upon the people who voted for him. What the people voted for when they voted for Obama were ideals and principles that have been in our hearts since the beginning of time and long before Obama was ever even born. These ideals are powerful enough to raise the dead and they have. They are potent enough to make even the most jaded recluse who hates all people to finally climb out of his rat-hole, climb up from the grave and put on a sombrero to not only lovingly interact with his neighbors but actually begin to care about other cultures for the cause of UNITY. A taco is not just a taco and a zombie is not necessarily someone without a brain.


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