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Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Taco In the Quarterback's Hands Is So Exciting

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brett favre holds a tacoBrett Favre, in his new Jets uniform, takes the snap and steps back in the pocket, holding a taco instead of a football. What would his fans think of that? Well, it is my belief that when you see a quarterback holding a taco it means that ANYTHING could happen, you have no idea how the play will turn out. When a quarterback throws a taco, the ingredients could fly about and land almost anywhere. Sour cream could splat upon the back of the guy playing center. Tomatoes could be intercepted by an opposing team's cornerback. Bits of lettuce could be seized and gnawed upon by hungry linebackers and this might slow the game down as the crowd waits for them to get their fill. Pieces of shredded cheese might fall to the ground and be recovered by a safety and ran the other way for a touchdown. Bits of ground beef, though, are heavy enough and could actually fly through the air in such a way that a wide receiver could catch one of them and run it in for SIX! That is why I think it is appropriate to place a taco in the quarterback's hands because it symbolizes the excitement one feels when you see the quarterback take the snap and step back. You never know where he is going to throw the ball or if he is going to get sacked. And perhaps he could tackled so hard that the snapping of his poor bones could be analogous to the crunching sounds you'd hear when a big heavy linebacker stomps on a taco shell with his cleats?


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