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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taco Art As A Way Of Taking Mexico Seriously

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obama makes mexican happyAn unsavory-looking Mexican man stands behind President Obama in this picture as perhaps a symbol pointing to the fact that the problems in Mexico will be forever hovering over Obama's head during his administration. I know that in many ways Mexico is not taken seriously by Americans and it gets a bad rap. When Americans think of Mexico they think of tacos, burritos and funny pictures of guys wearing sombreros. But in watching the news it is looking more and more as if we have a nation right next to us involved in a full-blown civil war pitting the Mexican government against the drug cartels. Some people are actually saying that the solution to the problem is to legalize the drugs but do you seriously think that will ever happen in the United States? This ridiculous "solution" seems to be thrown out there by people who basically think there is no solution simply because Americans have never liked to take Mexico seriously. My approach is to not necessarily take Mexico seriously as a THREAT but as a vast resource of culture and art to be further integrated into American life. That is one of the motivations behind my integrating parts of Mexican culture and its delicious food into my "Obama Taco Underwear" painting series.


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