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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Spaceship Of Obama And How It Relates To His Birth Certificate

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obama spaceshipThe Spaceship of Obama landed in an undisclosed location on earth sometime during the 1950's before Barack Obama is said to have actually been born. There are some who say Obama is not even eligible to be President because he is not a natural-born citizen, contending that he was actually born in Indonesia or perhaps even Kenya. Little do these fools know that Obama was not even born on this PLANET and that they can harp and howl and moan all they want but it isn't going to stop the alien agenda that has had plans to put Obama in office for many hundreds of years.

It is funny to me how some actually think they can raise a stink and file their little lawsuits to actually impact Obama negatively, or that they have the audacity to think they can actually have him put out of office. Can't you see that he is protected by an alien force field? The hidden powers behind the world's ruling class laugh at you just as Moby Dick laughed at Ahab when you engage in your useless, petty efforts to stop Obama. I have seen Obama's birth certificate online and I'll admit I find it to look a little odd. But I'm also wise enough to know that I am essentially a piss-ant in this little chess game and that what I think doesn't matter. I have chosen to "get with the program" even though I realize our President is probably an extra-terrestrial. I choose to have HOPE that he is essentially a "good alien" who means us no harm and that he and his handlers have good, kind intentions for our planet. I think having this attitude is better than banging my head against the wall about things such as forged birth certificates.


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