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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Shark Bite In Familiar Waters Can Be A Good Thing

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jesse jackson bit by sharkJesse Jackson's remarks on FOX News about how he wanted to "cut [Obama's] nuts off" shocked a nation. What was most shocking for many was to hear one of the black community leaders speak in such a way when it was widely thought by whites that all blacks supported Obama and agreed with everything he said. This was a ridiculous belief, of course, because the black community is very diverse, populated by people of very different viewpoints and a few are even Republicans. What the incident taught was the lesson that there are no safe waters for Barack Obama to swim in. Even within the seemingly safe and calm sea of the black community there are those who, like the shark you see in the picture above near Jesse Jackson's head, want to pop out of the water and chew off his leg or, in Jackson's case, his testicles.

What seemed like a negative incident at first for Obama actually brought to light to many that Obama did not fully identify with the "black left" ideology of blaming the government for all of its problems as Jackson is often criticized for doing, nor did he identify with the right-wing notion which says people shouldn't ask too much from their government. The Jesse Jackson "hot mic" incident served to align Obama more with the CENTER of the country and this centrist identification went a long way toward helping him win the election.


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