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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sarah Palin In Pink Underwear With Armed Baby In Taco Shell

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sarah palin in pink underwearI don't think anyone can deny that a big appeal of Sarah Palin is her cute, down-home country looks and those stylish glasses she wears. I admittedly have often wondered what she looks like in her underwear so I made this little picture of her. Here she is shown pregnant again, in a pink bra and pink bottoms. She holds one of her family's latest children in her hands and has placed him in a warm, delicious taco to keep him cozy and comfortable during those long Alaskan winters. As you can see, the taco has the youth fired up beyond belief as he holds a gun in his hand and is more than ready to do battle with all those commies and socialists and media meanies who would dare try to smear his mother or take away the money or liberties of REAL Americans.

This picture also continues to develop my evolving vision of "underwear politics" where (wear?) I have Republicans wearing pink underwear. This has a connection to the Republican elephant logo and the notion of "seeing pink elephants" as a metaphor for people's delusions, but it also, especially in regard to the Republican males, serves as a playful, ironic swipe at their macho, cowboy self-images.


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