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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sarah Palin Holds A Spork And Incites The Mob

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sarah palin holds sporkSarah Palin here holds a spork smeared in hot sauce to represent her rallies where she seems to incite so much anger from conservatives over Obama and what they say he represents. In the world of "Obama Taco Underwear", pitchforks and the figurative blood of the innocent became sporks smeared in hot sauce. I like to use what I guess are sort of "visual euphemisms" to represent the more distressing and disturbing aspects of political and world reality, which definitely comes in handy when you are trying to visually document a Sarah Palin rally. Her rallies during the 2008 election campaign were some of the most disturbing and frightening examples of mob mentality I've ever seen taking place in America on such a national level. Obama proposes to make the rich pay just a bit more in taxes and the mob shouts out "Socialist! Commie!" Obama has an innocent "welcome to the neighborhood" meeting with William Ayers and the mob shouts "Terrorist!" I find the conservative base to be a truly frightening, over-dramatic bunch. Their leaders "cherry-pick" little snippets of things to use as red meat and then allow their constituents to gnaw at this red meat like crude animals, their bellies growling and maws and claws exhibited as they exaggerate and blow everything out of proportion, even to the extent where an important faction of the conservative base, the evangelicals, are constantly saying that "the world is ending" simply because Obama is attempting to strike some balance in how our financial system operates, or because he doesn't look, think and act just like them.


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