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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sarah Palin Has An Eskimo Sister Who Supports Obama

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sarah palin's eskimo sisterWe all know of one of Sarah Palin's sisters, the one whose husband was the subject of Palin's alleged "abuse of power" in the scandal known as "Trooper Gate." Sarah was accused of having her policeman brother-in-law fired for his subjecting her sister's child to a taser gun. But little is known about Sarah's other sister who is actually a half-sister and just happens to be an eskimo. Oh and get this-- she is also an Obama supporter! Yes, folks, that is why this unknown sister has been hidden away by Sarah and forced to live in an igloo out in the middle of the intolerable, miserable conditions of the cold Alaskan terrain. I decided to include Sarah's ostracized eskimo sister as part of my larger "Sarah Palin Scares Me!" painting in an attempt to get the media on to this story and run with it. I am concerned that Sarah's eskimo sister is still stuck out in the freezing snow and may not even realize that Obama won the election! I guess at some point at the start of the Democratic primaries, Sarah and her eskimo sister were at a family gathering. They were all sitting around the table eating mooseburgers when Sarah's eskimo sister started talking about Obama and hope. That's when Sarah got out her own personal taser gun, started prodding her eskimo sister out the door and told her, "I HOPE you freeze to death out there! There's NO WAY Alaska is going to turn blue this year but your whole body sure is going to once you're stuck outside for awhile!"


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