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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rex Grossman In His Underwear, Knows Where To Throw The Ball

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rex grossman in underwearI love the idea of portraying muscular, sexy NFL quarterbacks in their underwear. There is just something very American and iconic about it. Here we have Rex Grossman, quarterback of the Chicago Bears, holding a football as he poses in his "tightie whities." The white color of the underwear I think is very important because it alludes to the purity and sense of purpose many Americans see in the image of the professional American quarterback. While Rex Grossman has been very embattled throughout his career, he maintains his pride and confidence as he struts around half-naked, letting the world see that he still has what it takes to get to the Super Bowl again. Grossman appears decisive and knows exactly where he wants to throw the ball, unlike John McCain in another one of my paintings who stands in his distracting, colorful skeleton suit, holding two footballs which only leads to his own confusion and stagnation. Footballs symbolize the will to succeed, the will to accomplish and get things done for America, and Rex Grossman is a true patriot.


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