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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverend Wrightenstein's Experiments Warn Against Extremism Regarding Muticultural Unity

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mexican ape man experimentHere we have the results of an evil experiment of Reverend Wrightenstein in which the head of a Mexican man is placed upon the head of a King Kong-sized gorilla and serves as the counterpart to another experiment in which the King Kong's head is placed upon the body of a white male Obama supporter. This should serve as a warning to people that we must keep these lofty ideas of multi-cultural unity on the plane of ideology and they should be put in practice by performing good deeds for one another. Mexicans should help whites who should help blacks as the Asians pitch in their part, also. This is a warning that none of us should be like the evil Reverend Wrightenstein and take these things LITERALLY, meaning, we should not take the body parts of people from another race and try to attach them on to a person of a different race. Within every political ideology there is inevitably a faction which gravitates toward extremism and I just don't want to see this idea of "multi-cultural unity" getting out of hand. The best way, I think, for this idea of racil unity to manifest itself physically, of course, is for different races to consider copulating with one anther as much as possible so as to have perfectly healthy multicultural babies. The "mixing of the races" should take place in the gene pool and not in the gruesome interchanging of body parts, please.


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