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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Possible Use Of Tom Brady As A Government Propaganda Tool

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dick cheney with tom bradyHere we see New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, hanging out with his buddy, Dick Cheney. Just as strange as Barack Obama's ascendency to the Presidency was, I think you can also say the same for the way Tom Brady stepped in during the 2001 NFL season and began his now Hall of Fame career and the New England patriots dyansty. I've thought for a long time that there is something going on with the NFL, that it is rigged in some mysterious way that goes well beyond perhaps members of gambling rings paying off players to under-perform. I have a gut feeling that Tom Brady is some kind of "plant," a robot or perhaps extra-terrestrial, or at the least that he was brainwashed by Bush/Cheney and their cronies to aid the Bush administration in a post 911 subliminal propaganda campaign urging us all to be "Patriots" and support the "Patriot Act" in addition to whatever executive decisions Bush might make or whatever other tricks the government had up its sleeve to further their oil-grubbing agenda in the MidEast. Don't you find it strange that during the NFL season in which Bush is to step down, last season, Tom Brady gets injured for the remainder of the year in the first game of the season? Could it be that he was just no longer needed?

And today at a St. Patrick's Day dinner, President Obama announced that Dan Rooney would be the ambassador to Ireland. This is the same Dan Rooney who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team that won the Super Bowl this past February. And what do the 2001 Tom Brady and and the 2008 Dan Rooney have in common? They both beat a team in the Super Bowl that had Kurt warner as its starting quarterback. This is part of the reason why I like to portray NFL quarterbacks in their underwear, to express a need for the government to finally tell us the "naked truth" behind how it uses NFL quarterbacks to manipulate public sentiment.


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