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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oprah Winfrey Has Tomato Breast Implants?

Click on pic to enlarge!
oprah with tomato breast implantsHere we see Oprah Winfrey revealing to the world that she does, indeed, have tomatoes for breast implants. This seems proof to me that Oprah does indeed support the multi-cultural integration of the United States with the Latin American world through creating a new national language that uses the symbolic, communicative power of Mexican food! Tell me, what are better than tomatoes to put on your taco? Oh, they are so ripe and delicious, so wet and tasty upon your tongue. Unfortunately, at many taco fast food restaurants they actually make you pay EXTRA TO HAVE TOMATOES PUT ON YOUR TACO! That will indeed stop now with Oprah Winfrey in charge of the SECRET SALSA GOVERNMENT. From behind the scenes Oprah will have the appropriate puppet leaders of government installed and marionette-like managers of Mexican restaurants to insure that tomatoes come STANDARD in your tacos!


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