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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's Beautiful Hawaii Nicely Juxtaposes With the Nation's Current Problems

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obama at beach with tacoThis little image is slightly inspired by that famous picture we've all seen of Obama shirtless at the beach in Hawaii. With all this talk about the drug cartels running Mexico and beheading everybody, it is nice to think of another vacation spot that is free of all the violence. Granted, I imagine tacos in Hawaii are not near as good as they are in Mexico, but the more moderate, beautiful weather perhaps makes up for that. When I hear of Obama going to Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation it makes me feel good that he is attached to someplace so exotic, so beautiful and so away from the troubles of the rest of the world. Obama's cool, even demeanor may indeed have something to do with his being brought up in such a place. I wanted to set my larger painting based upon Jesse Jackson's castration remarks on a Hawaiian beach to balance out all the grisly, ugly imagery Jackson's remarks evoked. Castration, of course, has a horrible haunting history dealing with despicable things slavemasters did to their slaves as punishment here in this country at one time, and it is nice to juxtapose this horrid collective national history with the individual history that involves Barack being brought up on a beautiful, peaceful (well, except for Pearl Harbor, I guess) island. When things get too stressful in the Oval Office for our President, I want him to go to Hawaii and think about it all. I want to think of him walking along the shoreline of a gorgeous, pleasant Hawaiian beach shirtless, feeling the cool breeze blow against him as he sorts it all out for us Americans and figures out how to solve our problems far, far away from the mainland.



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