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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Obamamanic Relationship Between Hot Sauce And Underwear

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obama hot sauce and underwearThere are alot of interesting images that pop into one's brain when they think to combine hot sauce with underwear. Many of these images can stray into a territory I don't want to venture into in this blog but suffice it to say that "hotness" and "semi-nakedness" are two things in this world that can get people very worked up. There is alot of work to be done on the artistic front dealing with hot sauce and underwear. It is packed with potent symbolic meaning and soaked with such enlightening, tasty and existentially profound goodness that to simply write about it now is sending me into a bit of feverish delight. How I see it now, in the context of the Obama phenomenon and "Obamamania" is that I imagine myself at an Obama rally. I am symbolically stripped to my underwear as I let myself once again believe in my childhood idealism. I let myself become vulnerable as I let loose of my defenses and stand there amidst the crowd half-naked. We are all half-naked before Obama. We all have our hearts in his hands as we stand there not knowing what to do. It is a bit embarrassing to admit in public that one believes in hope and that one still wants to be proud of the American flag and that one does indeed like the idea of getting along with his fellow Americans, these multi-colored, multi-national taco ingredients that are wrapped inside the shell which is the inspiration Obama sets on fire within us all. Oh yes, the FIRE! It is the fire that feeds us, this inspiration that splatters all over our half-naked bodies as every word coming out of Obama's mouth feels like a spicy, zesty wet blanket of HOT SAUCE upon our skin. It drips all over us and makes us feel fully clothed even though we are in our underwear. It soaks our underwear and we do not care. In fact, we revel in it. The discomfort we must feel at an Obama rally is more than worth the memory of knowing we did indeed take part in history.


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