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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Smoking A Cigarette Serves As Positive Reminder Of His Humanity

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obama smokes cigarette during 9/11Here we have Barack Obama standing tall between the two towers of the World Trade Center, smoking a cigarette as a plane crashes into one of them during 9/11. In the write-up I made about this larger Obama and 9/11 painting, I talked about this portrayal of Obama smoking being symbolism for the way he seems to remain cool, calm and collected during big events. I suppose it can also be taken as a play on Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burns. What is funny to think about, though, is that Obama more than likely still smoked cigarettes on 9/11/2001 and he was probably just like me as he sat there puffing away on a cigarette, watching the events unfold on the news as he said, "Holy crap."

Obama has since said he quit smoking cigarettes but I'm not sure how much anyone really believes him. My portraying him with a lit cigarette in his hand is in no way meant to criticize him or portray him in a negative light, but to focus on the fact that he is, indeed, human. He has been in office a couple months now and already I see polls where his approval rating is going down and people are starting to question his "competency." I don't agree in the least with any of these rash criticisms. People are already blaming Obama for the failing economy so I suppose they will be blaming him for 9/11 soon too, right? What I want to express here is that I fully realize Obama is human and in alot of ways Obama, the man, is not what I voted for this past election. What I voted for was the idealism and hope and respect for my fellow Americans I felt being awakened inside me when Obama was campaigning. I think it is important not to forget that; especially as Obama begins to have to make tough decisions which are bound to isolate people, I want to keep in mind that they can never take away the memories I have of having faith in my country restored or the joy and pride I felt when he was actually elected President in November, the night we all said no to fear and YES to so much more.


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