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Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama, The Nuclear Taco Explosion From Nowhere

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obama coming out of nuclear tacoLike a nuclear bomb, Obama burst upon the national political scene, rocketing out of the taco that is representative of all of our mothers' wombs. In addition to all the unique and even bizarre circumstances surrounding Obama and his being elected our 44th President, I think one of the most profound is that he essentially came out of NOWHERE. As he rose higher and higher in prominence and popularity, it became apparent to me that he was coming out of all our little lettuce patches; he soared through our cheese, ran rampant through our fields of tomatoes and howled like a wolf as he made us feel the sweet sting of jalapenos in our spiritual bellies. Some people see themselves in Obama but sometimes I like to think of him as a HUMAN NUCLEAR TAco, something that just EXPLODED into our world and left us all hungry for more Mexican food symbology and taco ingredient metaphors.


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