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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Obama Is Probably An Alien, But It Is All Good

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obama is an alienI don't think anyone can doubt that the "Obama Phenomenon" is a strange one. Sure, perhaps it just "is what it is," Obama is just some talented dude with alot of charisma who just happens to have the middle name matching the last name of an Iraqi dictator the U.S. recently overthrew which, in the end, is one of the few justifications Republicans (and more than a few Democrats, honestly) have for the war going on over there the past 6 years, the fact that Saddam Hussein is now gone, because all of their other justifications have pretty much been shown to be a lie. Sure, Obama is just from Chicago, one of the most corrupt towns in the country. Sure, he is also from Hawaii and sure, he is also from Indonesia, a Muslim country. Yeah, he is also the first African-American President of the United States whose dad is actually FROM AFRICA. Yeah, maybe all of this just "is what it is" and there's nothing extra-terrestrial about it. There's nothing other-worldly about the fact that Obama's election to President was suddenly pretty much clinched by a "surprising" unexpected total collapse of the U.S. banking system when before then, honestly, his victory over McCain seeemd in doubt. There's nothing bizarre about the fact that we now have a leader who is more multi-national/cultural in appeal than any prior President at a time when the Democrats are in charge of EVERYTHING and the world seems more ripe and ready than ever to create that NEW WORLD ORDER the conspiracy theorists and evangelicals are always talking about. I don't think Obama is the Anti-Christ because I don't take that Revelations stuff too literally but I DO THINK he MIGHT be an alien of some sort, or at least that he might be an alien plant who has been groomed from a very early age to usher in this new era of vast change. I love Obama, though, and will continue to contend that he is a GOOD THING. I eagerly await what his alien underground bosses have in store for us and what they will have their alien accomplice in the oval office do for our country and the world in the upcoming years.


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