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Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Hope Inspires Many Zombie Liberals To Become Underwear Models

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obama zombie of hopeAhhhh, there's nothing like a little HOPE to make a tired, weary and sad zombie spring up from his grave and want to strut his stuff! This phenomenon is occuring all over America as the Obama movement has injected new life into so many progressive and liberal-minded people. After 8 long years of feeling claustrophobic in their dark, wet graves, these freedom-loving zombies have arisen and they have received a fresh pair of underwear from their vampiric puppet overlord, Zbigniew Brezinski. There are some that say former national security advisor to Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is now in control of Obama and that he turned Barack into a vampire while he was attending Columis University in the late 80's. They say that Zbig is planning a scheme of world domination to further the goals of his Trilateral Commission. I say, who really cares? If having Obama as President makes this many feel good, if it makes zombies rise from the dead and puts a spring in all our steps after wearing stale Republican-stained underwear for so long, what does it matter if Obama is a puppet of the Trialteral Commission because this fresh pair of underwear change feels so good! It almost makes me want to become an underwear model. Wait, I already am one! Hahahahaa.


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