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Monday, March 2, 2009

"Nobody Messes With Joe Biden!"

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joe biden with moose antlersHere we have now-Vice President Joe Biden crawling around in the Alaskan snow in his underwear. He has a big smile on his face and seems to be oblivious to the fact that he has metaphorical moose antlers on his head which make him a target for the figurative gun firings of Sarah Palin during the VP debate! At the time of Sarah Palin's introduction to the national scene, I admittedly was scared of her. This picture of Joe Biden is only part of a larger Sarah Palin painting I made where I attempt to express these fears. The conservative base, when they are fired up and chanting and screaming and excited and happy are actually quite scary. And it baffled and disappointed me how Joe Biden and Obama just seemed to go about their business, prancing about in the snow of the campaign trail, saying very little about Sarah as she launched one attack upon them after another.

This image of Joe Biden also serves to represent how he is seen by many of his conservative critics, as some goofy guy with a big smile on his face who talks too much. I love Joe Biden, though. He seems like a nice guy. I love his smile and his bright white teeth. Though he can seem a bit goofy in ways and is easy to make fun of, there is no doubt that there is a nasty BITE in those teeth of his and as Obama said in his recent address to congress, "NOBODY MESSES WITH JOE!!"


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