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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Newt Gingrich Will Start A "Contract With Mexico"?

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obama coming out of nuclear tacoNewt Gingrich is considered a thoughtful, intellectual conservative but when it comes to questions of whether he prefers boxers or briefs, Newt has been known to get angry at the question and refuses to answer it. No one really knows what lies underneath Newt's trousers but I have chosen to portray him here in pink underwear briefs, like I have many Republicans. Newt gained stature in 1994 when he became Speaker of the House and helped come up with the Republicans' "Contract With America" which promised a return to conservative values after two years under
President Bill Clinton. This makes me wonder, will he try to get into congress again in 2010 and try to start a "Contract With Mexico" in reaction to Obama's massive changes to the left?

In this picture you see Newt holding upon his strong shoulders a taco which is powered by gasoline while the rest of the world is moving on to nuclear fuel. Some may say this is a comparison between conservative, outdated ideas about energy with that of the Democrats and their Green Agenda, but I'll give Newt the benefit of the doubt and say that the gasoline-fueled taco represents a comparison of Mexico with the USA. Newt, if he is elected into office in 2010, will help to move Mexico's taco-making process into the modern era. While we all know that our friends south of the border make the best tacos in the world, we need them to make MORE of them, we need factories to create jobs right here in the US capable of putting out MILLIONS of tacos an hour behind the power of nuclear-powered Mexican food plants that no longer rely upon oil or gasoline. Newt holds the burden of this problem upon his shoulders and I can't wait until 2010 to see what happens!


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