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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michelle Obama As "White-Out" For Smears Concerning Her Husband

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michelle obama in wedding dressHere is Michelle Obama in her white wedding dress. I'm not really into portraying President Obama's family too much. For instance, you won't see me include his children in any of my "Obama Taco Underwear" installments. I did want to document for myself, though, something about Michelle that I noticed early on in last year's election campaign. Early on, when the whole country was just getting to know Obama I admittedly questioned alot of things about him. I'd heard all the smears and all the rumors and I gradually researched and debunked all of them for myself. One thing that aided this process was hearing Michelle Obama speak in both speeches and interviews. Now matter how "exotic" Barack can seem with his rich, varied background, Michelle has the former last name of "Robinson" and just came across as so sensible, down-to-earth, honest and genuine. She just seems like a regular American girl who worked hard to get to where she was and I found all the smears about Barack to be ridiculous when you imagine him married to Michelle. She just seems to balance everything out and becomes like "white-out" to vanish all the smears and make Barack seem like a normal everyday dude. He would have to be to be married to such a wonderful, honest woman.


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