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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mexicans And Americans Work Together In Underwear To Fill The Gas Tank Of A Tractor

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mexican american workers in their underwearThere is no longer any shame in hanging out in one's underwear with other men. There should be no embarassment involved if a group of men desire to hang out at the beach or on the tomato and lettuce farms together, wearing nothing but their underwears as they work up a sweat and admire one another's physiques. Alot of hard work needs to be done to save the planet and to get this green economy rolling. Much of it is very hard labor in the lettuce, tomato and jalapeno fields for the cause of growing only the finest ingredients for Mexican food. The tiresome labor has a risk of causing a decline in male worker morale and that is why, though they might not reveal it openly, the Obama administration is in full support of male workers forming loving physical bonds with one another. Secretary of Taco Ingredient Farming, Al Gore, realizes that many straight, macho American and Mexican men might be reluctant to engage in same-sex affairs with their co-workers at first and that is why men will be allowed to work in their underwear so as to initiate a certain sense of freedom and a gradual lusting for one another's bodies as the work gets tougher and the bodies get harder and the skin gets wetter and wetter under a hot taco sun. Men will find that they will gravitate toward one another naturally, American and Mexican men will not only feel better about their work environment by engaging in physical recreation with one another, but they will also be working toward the goal of multi-cultural unity. The energy gained from these intimate male worker relationships is not only clean but, it can also, if hooked up to and ran through the appropriate hose, often fill up the entire gas tank of a tractor to be used in the jalapeno fields.


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