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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mexican Rock Climbers Give AIG Executive Tacos For Christmas

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aig executive receives mexican tacosI hate to quote George W. Bush, but as he once said, "There are some jobs Americans just won't do" and so we let the Mexicans come in and do them. Personally, I don't ride on such a "high horse" as an American to think there are certain jobs I am just too good for. Before "advancing" to my current job at a Mexican fast food restaurant, I actually worked as the janitor at an adult book store, tasked with cleaning up the movie viewing booths, which is a job I'm sure most Americans would refuse to engage in. But besides that, it is a shame that Bush's quote became a catalyst for collective American giggles and mockery of the Mexican people who are unfortunate enough to not have it as good as Americans do. In the picture above you see an extract from my larger painting, "The Christmas Bail-Out Of Taco-Filled Cat Bellies" which attempts to document the U.S. government's recent TARP bailout of U.S. Banks. In this extract you see two brave Mexican rock climber buddies of President-Elect Obama scaling down the side of a cliff in order to give a starving "Fat" Cat AIG executive, who is sinking in the green guacamole of his own greed, a few tacos to eat for the holidays. Of course, witnessing the public outrage recently over the giving of AIG bonuses to AIG employees using taxpayer money, no American would volunteer to do this for an AIG employee. So we have a couple nice and charitable Mexicans once again having to do America's "dirty work." I'm not chastising Americans for their stance on such matters. All I am trying to do is give the Mexican people who do work hard and labor tirelessly doing jobs we refuse to do a little recognition and credit.


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