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Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Mexican Flag On The U.S. Capitol Building?

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mexican flag on us capitol buildingHere I have placed a Mexican flag on the U.S. Capitol Building, not as a way of being unpatriotic or trying to be offensive or implying that Mexico is "taking over" but to simply represent the fact that I think Mexico and the Hispanic population are going to have a very large role to play in the rebuilding of our nation in this new era which began with the election of President Obama. Is it possible that our next president will perhaps be a Hispanic? I think the Mexican drug wars going on south of the border right now are going to put Mexico more and more in the spotlight as time goes on. People are going to stop laughing about Mexico and perhaps begin to take it more seriously. I think just as the economic collapse in the United States is leading to a sweeping redefining of America and restructuring, the fact that Mexico is on the verge of total collapse will, in the end, somehow bond it closer to the United States and I look forward to seeing what the results of that will be. While it is true that America will always be its own sovereign nation and stand strong in the face of adversity, there can be no doubt that though the flag hanging from the Capitol Building is and always will be an AMERICAN one, the politicians voted in to serve inside the building will be highly influenced by what happens in Mexico and an increasing number of American voters will be Hispanics with Mexican roots.


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