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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Macabre Post-Election Transformation Of Reverend Jeremiah "Wrightenstein"

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jeremiah wright with obamaAs Jeremiah Wright said in his speeches during the election campaign last year, if Barack Obama became president he was going to come after him with criticism in regard to America's alleged shortcomings in the areas of civil rights and social justice. I like Jeremiah Wright and respect him as a master of his trade and as an important voice in the black Christian community. I think Jeremiah Wright's incendiary remarks regarding U.S government experiments on blacks and our deserving what happened on 9/11 actually helped Obama in the sense that it gave him a sort of "street cred" and took a bit away from the conspiracy theories that said he was a Manchurian candidate serving as a puppet for white corporate executives and other shadowy rich old white men behind the scenes. Race is always going to be an important issue in America but it's a shame that after the election Jeremiah Wright became "Reverend Wrightenstein" and started doing all these horrific experiments in a lab underneath an undisclosed church, with Father Pfleger as his "Igor-like" assistant. To somehow make up for their divisive racial remarks during the election, they are trying to "trump" Obama in the area of "racial unity" by performing experiments on the cadavers of various races and interchanging their body parts to create these zombie-like creatures to be used by the group ACORN to "get out the vote" for dead people in 2012. While I think Reverend Wrightenstein's heart is in the right place, someone needs to please tell him to return the dead body of my long dead "typical white grandmother" to her final resting spot before he tries to give her the head of some anonymous Mexican dude or gives her the legs of some poor long-deceased Asian man.


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