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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

International Underwear Symbol For Transparency In Government

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politicians show their underwearHere I created the new International Underwear Symbol For Transparency In Government. You see a Latin American Supreme Court Justice lifting up his robe and showing the world community his underwear. Of course, he has a smile on his face because he is more than happy to do so. In the new age of "Obama Taco Underwear," politicians, judges, legislators and all public figures will be more than happy to lift up their figurative robes and show the tax-payers their underwear to show us where all the money went. If a public figure lifts up their robe for you and you discover they have no underwear ON, well, you know that they spent all of your money on EAR MARKS and can't even afford a pair of drawers to wear as they do the people's work in public. How shameful it must be to be the person sitting in congress without any underwear on to show the people. Should this person be re-elected? I think not! The American people and all Mexican people who are soon to become Americans should demand that the officials in both our countries SHOW US YOUR UNDERWEAR before you are getting another vote from us!


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