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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Immigration And The False Hope Of Ever Seeing The Statue Of Liberty's Underwear

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statue of liberty in underwearI know that there are many naughty immigrant men out there who, when they see a pretty American girl wearing a dress or skirt, they want to lift it up to see what American mysteries and secrets lie underneath. Of course, good manners and an individual's right to privacy prohibit immigrants from doing this without the American lady's permission. This is why the Statue of Liberty's gown is made of stone to symbolize this fact, to demonstrate that once an immigrant man tries to lift up her gown to see her underwear he, of course, won't get very far. I think this makes a good metaphor for immigrants coming into the country. It is a message which says if you do not learn to speak English and follow our nation's laws you will not get very far in this country, you will not get to see America's fruits, the sparkling panties of our Statue of Liberty. Of course, literally, no one ever gets to see the Lady Liberty's underwear. It is a "false hope" just like how rich Republicans trick lower-income conservatives into becoming enraged over a modest tax hike upon those making over $250,000 a year, an income level they will never attain, anyway, but we all must have our American dream of being rich, just as we all must dare to desire a peek at the Lady Liberty's sensuous underpants, even though we know deep inside that it is impossible for us to do so.


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