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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Imagining Obama In a Navy Uniform Brings Me Comfort And Happiness

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obama in navy sailor uniformHere we see Barack Obama in a Navy uniform. I somehow find it appropriate to represent President Obama in a sailor uniform as the movement he has inspired reminds me of a smooth, cool sailing expedition. Obama is the wind upon the waters and his supporters are the waves that keep the ship moving. I present Obama in an enlisted man's uniform because even though he is captain of the vessel he fully understands the importance of what the ship's crew does. He knows it is the "grass roots" efforts of the common sailor who ready the sails and keep the crew fed through their tireless, endless efforts in a hot ship's kitchen that "keeps the boat afloat" and keeps the bellies of our military men and women full of tacos.

I was in the U.S. navy, myself, from 1988-1992 so I have a respect for our men and women in uniform, especially our sailors who brave the dangerous, stormy seas on their expeditions to find treasure for our nation. So it is that I like to see our President by imagining him in a Navy uniform because it brings me a certain degree of comfort and happiness to do so.


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