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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hot Sauce As A Unifier In The Race Experimentation In The Lab Of Reverend Wrightenstein

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ape man obama supporterThe evil Reverend Wrightenstein seeks to expand upon the argument he made during last year's NAACP convention in Detroit last year that says that though certain races may be different, they are definitely not deficient. He seeks to do this by putting the head of a gorilla upon that of a typical white Obama supporter. The gorilla head is used, in Reverend Wrightstein's mind, as a satirical statement against the outdated, stupid racist comparison of blacks to apes. Though apes and whites are indeed in some ways different, what does this have to do with blacks and where do Latinos fit in? And how will the two body parts behave when combined and put into the context of the Obama administration? My guess is that you will see a beautiful so-called "monster" with a fresh change of underwear and an appetite for tacos with bananas in them! I know that there are some who think that Reverend Wrightenstein's theory of "differences vs. deficiencies" is outdated and even racist because nobody wants to acknowledge that there are indeed some differences between blacks and whites. That is where Latinos fit in and that is why you see zesty, savory spicy hot sauce being pumped into the gorilla's skull, in an effort to unify and make the same. I find this whole amalgamation to be a beautiful symbol of the mixing of the races, between blacks, Hispanics and whites and I have long encouraged people to interbreed because, if nothing else, interbreeding creates some very beautiful and exotic-looking women.


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