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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hot Latina Babe McCain Supporting Vampires?

Click on pic to enlarge!
latina bush-supporting vampire babesI've personally always found that the hottest women are Democrats, so I wanted to do a few portraits where I explore the idea of hot Republican girls in the spirit of bi-partisan "babe-watching." No, I'm not talking about the "Babes of Wal-Mart," but what I'm imagining are all these hot, vampy Latina-looking chicks living in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas that I've portrayed in this larger painting devoted partially to the idea of hot Republican Latinas. They are raised as strict catholics and forced to resist their sexual desires. This repressed urge then takes the form of an insatiable, relentless thirst for HOT SAUCE that is so intense it manifests itself in their beautiful brains in the form of delusions that this "hot sauce" is actually found in the veins of unsuspecting liberal men. I imagine them to be like vampires who survive off sucking the blood out of Democratic men's veins as they walk along the sandy beaches and seduce naive young surfers and other beachcomber-types. They come up to them offering them a "tax cut" at the local surf shop or burrito stand, but what they do when they lure their victims into their spooky sand castles is cut them with their razor sharp claws and suck them dry! As their victims' blood runs through these hot babes' veins it begins churning and transforming. Slowly, it becomes zesty and spicy as it interacts with all the hot pepper cells these chicks have running through them and becomes ACTUAL LITERAL HOT SAUCE. What else could explain how hot these chicks are, other than to say they have hot sauce running through their veins?


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