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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here's Hoping Obama And Brett Favre Do Not Have Parallel Narratives

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brett favre with barack obamaHere we see Barack Obama coupled with NFL quarterback, Brett Favre. When Brett Favre went to the New York Jets late last summer, Obama offered Favre a change in fresh underwear to resolve a locker room dispute he was engaged in with his new teammates. Now, with a fresh, sparkling pair of tightie whities on, Favre is ready to embark on his new season. I've discussed how the image of Favre wearing his brand-new pair of underwear was a important, magical portent of how the Presidential Election would turn out, that the change Favre underwent would manifest itself with Barack Obama winning the election to go along with the theme of "change." Now, looking at how Favre fared in his 2008 season with the Jets we get an omen which might not sit so well with Obama supporters. Favre started out the year with a victory over the Miami Dolphins, and the Jets were looking pretty solid. About three-fourths of the way into the season they beat the Tennesse Titans at Tennessee to hand the Titans their first loss of the year and it was discussed among the pundits how the Jets might indeed be the favorite to win the Super Bowl! But right after the big win over Tennessee, the Jets embarked on a pretty bad finish to the season, losing most of their final games.

If we go along with the belief that Brett Favre's Jets season last year is an indicator of how Obama's political career will turn out, we see a man whom people have laid alot of expectations and high hopes upon. Obama's winning the election could be seen as analogous to Favre and the Jets beating Tennessee and now, just as football analysts thought the Jets might be the Super Bowl favorite, there are some who think Obama is a sort of "Messiah." Let's hope that Obama will not end up like Favre, though. Let's hope that his "arm" does not get tired as Favre's did and that he doesn't become weakened by the cold that hits alot of the nation near play-off time. If you remember, the New York Jets, after being heralded furture NFL champs, a month later did not even make the play-offs. Does this bode badly for Obama's re-election prospects? Being an Obama fan and supporter, I'm hoping to see some other symbols develop in the 2009 NFL season which portend a change in the current narrative. I see football as a prophetic language and it is important to watch the games, not only for their entertainment value, but for their potential to tell us many things about the future of our nation and its leaders.


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