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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Green Mold, Yellow Cheese And Mexican Food Alchemy in Relation To Team Colors

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brett favre in yellow packer underwearBrett Favre stands proudly in the yellow Green Bay Packers underwear he was given as soon as he joined the team. Seventeen years later he still wore it and didn't change it until he joined the New York Jets and a fight erupted in the locker room against the overbearing stench. Favre's underwear is yellow to represent the cheese that is made in Wisconsin. Cheese is a primary ingredient in a taco and many other types of Mexican food. Cheese can easily represent the sun and its warm rays but in the case of Favre a lesson can be learned about what happens when cheese goes bad, when it hangs around too long and starts to get green mold on it, exhibiting both colors of the Packers: green and yellow.

Favre had a wonderful career with the Packers and had a great opportunity to go back to the Super Bowl for a third time in January 2008 until he again threw a bone-headed interception to essentially end the game and allowed the New York Giants to win the NFC Championship game. This is what happens when good cheese hangs around too long and when a man doesn't change his underwear for 17 years. What we have learned is that with the mythology of Mexican food integrated with that of NFL football, the Packers represent the stale and/or rotten Mexican food ingredients, mainly yellow cheese covered in green mold, and I can hopefully explore that particular sports metaphor more in the future in connection with Obama and politics to create an artistic alchemy that be both entertaining and profound.


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